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# Copyright(C) 2010-2016 Romain Bignon
# This file is part of woob.
# woob is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# woob is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with woob. If not, see <>.

from __future__ import annotations

import enum
import re
from datetime import date, datetime
from typing import Iterable, Iterator

from unidecode import unidecode

from woob.capabilities.base import (
    BaseObject, Field, StringField, DecimalField,
    UserError, Currency, EnumField, Enum,
    Capability, empty, find_object,
from import DateField
from woob.exceptions import BrowserQuestion
from import is_iban_valid

from .base import ObjectNotFound, BaseAccount, CapBank, Account

__all__ = [
    'AddRecipientBankError', 'AddRecipientError', 'AddRecipientStep', 'AddRecipientTimeout',
    'CapBankTransfer', 'CapBankTransferAddRecipient',
    'CapTransfer', 'Emitter', 'EmitterNumberType', 'Recipient',
    'RecipientInvalidIban', 'RecipientInvalidLabel', 'RecipientInvalidOTP', 'RecipientNotFound',
    'TransferBankError', 'TransferCancelledByUser', 'TransferDateType', 'TransferError', 'TransferFrequency',
    'TransferInsufficientFunds', 'TransferInvalidAmount', 'TransferInvalidCurrency',
    'TransferInvalidDate', 'TransferInvalidEmitter', 'TransferInvalidLabel', 'TransferTimeout', 'TransferInvalidOTP',
    'TransferInvalidRecipient', 'TransferNotFound', 'TransferStatus', 'TransferStep',

[docs]class RecipientNotFound(ObjectNotFound): """ Raised when a recipient is not found. """ def __init__(self, msg: str = 'Recipient not found'): super().__init__(msg)
[docs]class TransferNotFound(ObjectNotFound): def __init__(self, msg: str = 'Transfer not found'): super().__init__(msg)
[docs]class TransferError(UserError): """ A transfer has failed. :param description: technical description of the error :type description: str :param message: error message from the bank, if any, to display to the user :type message: str """ code = 'transferError' def __init__(self, description: str | None = None, message: str | None = None): super().__init__(message or description) self.message = message self.description = description
[docs]class TransferBankError(TransferError): """The transfer was rejected by the bank with a message.""" code = 'bankMessage'
[docs]class TransferTimeout(TransferError): """The transfer request timed out""" code = 'timeout'
[docs]class TransferInvalidLabel(TransferError): """The transfer label is invalid.""" code = 'invalidLabel'
[docs]class TransferInvalidEmitter(TransferError): """The emitter account cannot be used for transfers.""" code = 'invalidEmitter'
[docs]class TransferInvalidRecipient(TransferError): """The emitter cannot transfer to this recipient.""" code = 'invalidRecipient'
[docs]class TransferInvalidAmount(TransferError): """This amount is not allowed.""" code = 'invalidAmount'
[docs]class TransferInvalidCurrency(TransferInvalidAmount): """The transfer currency is invalid.""" code = 'invalidCurrency'
[docs]class TransferInsufficientFunds(TransferInvalidAmount): """Not enough funds on emitter account.""" code = 'insufficientFunds'
[docs]class TransferInvalidDate(TransferError): """This execution date cannot be used.""" code = 'invalidDate'
[docs]class TransferInvalidOTP(TransferError): code = 'invalidOTP'
[docs]class TransferCancelledByUser(TransferError): """The transfer is cancelled by the emitter or an authorized user""" code = 'cancelledByUser'
[docs]class AddRecipientError(UserError): """ Failed trying to add a recipient. :param description: technical description of the error :type description: str :param message: error message from the bank, if any, to display to the user :type message: str """ code = 'AddRecipientError' def __init__(self, description: str | None = None, message: str | None = None): super().__init__(message or description) self.message = message self.description = description
[docs]class AddRecipientBankError(AddRecipientError): """The new recipient was rejected by the bank with a message.""" code = 'bankMessage'
[docs]class AddRecipientTimeout(AddRecipientError): """Add new recipient request has timeout""" code = 'timeout'
[docs]class RecipientInvalidIban(AddRecipientError): code = 'invalidIban'
[docs]class RecipientInvalidLabel(AddRecipientError): code = 'invalidLabel'
[docs]class RecipientInvalidOTP(AddRecipientError): code = 'invalidOTP'
[docs]class Recipient(BaseAccount): """ Recipient of a transfer. """ enabled_at = DateField('Date of availability') category = StringField('Recipient category') iban = StringField('International Bank Account Number') # Needed for multispaces case origin_account_id = StringField('Account id which recipient belong to') origin_account_iban = StringField('Account iban which recipient belong to') def __repr__(self): return "<%s id=%r label=%r>" % (type(self).__name__,, self.label)
[docs]class TransferStep(BrowserQuestion): # TODO doc def __init__(self, transfer: Transfer, *values): super().__init__(*values) self.transfer = transfer
[docs]class AddRecipientStep(BrowserQuestion): # TODO doc def __init__(self, recipient: Recipient, *values): super().__init__(*values) self.recipient = recipient
[docs]class BeneficiaryType(Enum): """ Type of the Transfer.beneficiary_number property. """ IBAN = 'iban' """beneficiary number is an IBAN as defined in ISO 13616""" SORT_CODE_ACCOUNT_NUMBER = 'sort_code_account_number' """account number is a national UK/Ireland number including sortcode""" PHONE_NUMBER = 'phone_number' """beneficiary number is an E.164 encoded phone number""" RECIPIENT = 'recipient' """ beneficiary number is a beneficiary identifier as returned by the iter_transfer_recipients method. """
[docs]class TransferStatus(Enum): UNKNOWN = 'unknown' INTERMEDIATE = 'intermediate' """Transfer is not validated yet""" SCHEDULED = 'scheduled' """Transfer to be executed later""" ACTIVE = 'active' """Periodic transfer is still active""" DONE = 'done' """Transfer was executed""" CANCELLED = 'cancelled' """Transfer was cancelled by the bank or by the user""" ACCEPTED_NO_BANK_STATUS = 'accepted_no_bank_status' """Transfer was sent to the bank but we will not get more information after that. This is used for banks that do not give us final states after pending."""
[docs]class TransferFrequency(Enum): UNKNOWN = 'unknown' DAILY = 'daily' WEEKLY = 'weekly' TWOWEEKLY = 'two-weekly' # every two weeks, not 2 times per week MONTHLY = 'monthly' TWOMONTHLY = 'two-monthly' # every two months, not 2 times per month QUARTERLY = 'quarterly' FOURMONTHLY = 'four-monthly' # every four months, not 4 times per month SEMIANNUALLY = 'semiannually' YEARLY = 'yearly' # (deprecated) BIMONTHLY = 'bimonthly' # use TWOWEEKLY instead BIANNUAL = 'biannual' # use SEMIANNUALLY instead
[docs]class TransferDateType(Enum): FIRST_OPEN_DAY = 'first_open_day' """Transfer to execute when possible (accounting opening days)""" INSTANT = 'instant' """Transfer to execute immediately (not accounting opening days)""" DEFERRED = 'deferred' """Transfer to execute on a chosen date""" PERIODIC = 'periodic' """Transfer to execute periodically"""
[docs]class Transfer(BaseObject, Currency): """ Transfer from an account to a recipient. """ amount = DecimalField('Amount to transfer') currency = StringField('Currency', default=None) fees = DecimalField('Fees', default=None) exec_date = Field('Date of transfer', date, datetime) label = StringField('Reason') account_id = StringField('ID of origin account') account_iban = StringField('International Bank Account Number') account_label = StringField('Label of origin account') account_balance = DecimalField('Balance of origin account before transfer') # Information for beneficiary in recipient list recipient_id = StringField('ID of recipient account') recipient_iban = StringField('International Bank Account Number') recipient_label = StringField('Label of recipient account') # Information for beneficiary not only in recipient list # Like transfer to iban beneficiary beneficiary_type = StringField('Transfer creditor number type', default=BeneficiaryType.RECIPIENT) beneficiary_number = StringField('Transfer creditor number') beneficiary_label = StringField('Transfer creditor label') beneficiary_bic = StringField('Transfer creditor BIC') date_type = EnumField('Transfer execution date type', TransferDateType) frequency = EnumField('Frequency of periodic transfer', TransferFrequency) first_due_date = DateField('Date of first transfer of periodic transfer') last_due_date = DateField('Date of last transfer of periodic transfer') creation_date = DateField('Creation date of transfer') status = EnumField('Transfer status', TransferStatus) cancelled_exception = Field('Transfer cancelled reason', TransferError) # End to end ID given by the client reference_id = StringField('End to end ID given by client')
[docs]class EmitterNumberType(Enum): UNKNOWN = 'unknown' IBAN = 'iban' BBAN = 'bban'
[docs]class Emitter(BaseAccount): """ Transfer emitter account. """ number_type = EnumField('Account number type', EmitterNumberType, default=EmitterNumberType.UNKNOWN) number = StringField('Account number value') balance = DecimalField('Balance of emitter account')
class DebtorAccountRequirement(Enum): MANDATORY = 'mandatory' """Debtor account is needed to initiate a payment""" OPTIONAL = 'optional' """Debtor account is optional (may change module behaviour)""" NOT_USED = 'not_used' """Debtor account must not be given""" class Platform(str, enum.Enum): """Mobile platform on which the webview can be run. For instance, this enumeration can be used to represent systems on which the authorization link can be catched by a native application instead of the browser. """ ANDROID = 'android' """Android based platforms.""" IOS = 'ios' """Apple's iOS platform."""
[docs]class CapTransfer(Capability): can_do_transfer_to_untrusted_beneficiary = False """ The module can do transfer to untrusted beneficiary, for example: when module can't add new beneficiary without doing a transfer like n26 or when module can do transfer to a beneficiary not listed in `iter_transfer_recipients` like for PSD2 modules """ can_do_transfer_without_emitter = True """ The module can do transfer without giving the emitter, for example: when there is only, and will be only, one account like wallet or when the module can initiate transfer without emitter and the emitter is chosen afterwards like for PSD2 modules """ can_do_transfer_cancellation = False sca_required_for_transfer_cancellation = False """ The default behavior is that we don't need to validate a payment cancellation through a SCA. If a SCA is required after sending a transfer cancellation request to validate it, the module should set this to True. """ accepted_beneficiary_types = (BeneficiaryType.RECIPIENT, ) accepted_execution_date_types = (TransferDateType.FIRST_OPEN_DAY, TransferDateType.DEFERRED) accepted_execution_frequencies = set(TransferFrequency) - set([TransferFrequency.UNKNOWN]) maximum_number_of_instructions = 1 transfer_with_debtor_account = DebtorAccountRequirement.NOT_USED # Indicate that we may not know if the payment is done or rejected, the information # is provided by date type because this behaviour is generally dependent on the type # of payment. An empty list means that the transfer will never get the status ACCEPTED_NO_BANK_STATUS partial_transfer_status_tracking = () is_app_to_app_used_for_transfer = { Platform.ANDROID: None, Platform.IOS: None, } # type: dict[Platform, bool | None] """ Is an App2App flow used for the payment if the PSU has the bank's app installed. None means unknown """ bank_provides_payer_account = None # type: bool | None """ Once the payment is initiated, does the bank return the payer's account identifier? None means unknown """ bank_provides_payer_label = None # type: bool | None """ Once the payment is initiated, does the bank return the payer's label? None means unknown """ transfer_date_types_where_trusted_beneficiary_required = set() # type: Iterable[TransferDateType] """ Set of `TransferDateType` where the beneficiary must be trusted or registered on the payer's banking service. If `iter_transfer_recipients` is implemented, such beneficiaries may be found. """
[docs] def iter_transfer_recipients(self, account: Account) -> Iterator[Recipient]: """ Iter recipients availables for a transfer from a specific account. :param account: account which initiate the transfer :type account: :class:`Account` :rtype: iter[:class:`Recipient`] :raises: :class:`AccountNotFound` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def init_transfer(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Initiate a transfer. :param :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` :raises: :class:`TransferError` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def execute_transfer(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Execute a transfer. :param :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` :raises: :class:`TransferError` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def confirm_transfer(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Transfer confirmation after multiple SCA from the Emitter. This method is only used for PSD2 purpose. Return the transfer with the new status. :param :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` :raises: :class:`TransferError` """ return self.get_transfer(
[docs] def confirm_transfer_cancellation(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Confirm transfer cancellation after a redirect flow. :param :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` :raises: :class:`AssertionError`: If the payment is not actually cancelled after the whole process """ transfer = self.optional_confirm_transfer_cancellation(transfer, **params) # Check that the transfer has been successfully cancelled. if transfer.status != TransferStatus.CANCELLED: raise AssertionError('Transfer is not cancelled after cancellation request.') return transfer
[docs] def optional_confirm_transfer_cancellation(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """Proceed with the actual cancellation confirmation. This method MUST NOT be called by any external caller. Said caller should actually call confirm_transfer_cancellation which may call the current method if it sees fit. The default implementation does not run an explicit confirmation step, it only fetches the up-to-date transfer. Modules requiring an explicit cancellation confirmation should overwrite this method, returning the up-to-date transfer at the end. """ return self.get_transfer(
[docs] def transfer(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Do a transfer from an account to a recipient. :param :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` :raises: :class:`TransferError` """ transfer_not_check_fields = { BeneficiaryType.RECIPIENT: ('id', 'beneficiary_number', 'beneficiary_label',), BeneficiaryType.IBAN: ('id', 'recipient_id', 'recipient_iban', 'recipient_label',), BeneficiaryType.PHONE_NUMBER: ('id', 'recipient_id', 'recipient_iban', 'recipient_label',), BeneficiaryType.SORT_CODE_ACCOUNT_NUMBER: ('id', 'recipient_id', 'recipient_iban', 'recipient_label',), } if hasattr(transfer, 'instructions'): instructions = transfer.instructions else: instructions = [transfer] nb_instructions = len(instructions) for instr in instructions: if not instr.amount or instr.amount <= 0: raise TransferInvalidAmount('amount must be strictly positive') instructions = sorted( instructions, key=lambda x: (x.reference_id, x.beneficiary_number, x.recipient_iban, x.amount, x.exec_date) ) # Initiate the transfer t = self.init_transfer(transfer, **params) # Verify the created transfer before execution if hasattr(t, 'instructions'): new_instructions = t.instructions else: new_instructions = [t] nb_new_instructions = len(new_instructions) new_instructions = sorted( new_instructions, key=lambda x: (x.reference_id, x.beneficiary_number, x.recipient_iban, x.amount, x.exec_date) ) assert nb_instructions == nb_new_instructions, ( 'Number of instructions changed during transfer processing (from "%s" to "%s")' % (nb_instructions, nb_new_instructions) ) changed_msg_template = '%s changed during transfer processing (from "%s" to "%s") for instruction %s' for orig_instr, new_instr in zip(instructions, new_instructions): ignored_keys = transfer_not_check_fields[orig_instr.beneficiary_type] for key, value in new_instr.iter_fields(): if key in ignored_keys: continue try: transfer_val = getattr(orig_instr, key) except AttributeError: continue transfer_check_fn = getattr(self, 'transfer_check_%s' % key, None) if transfer_check_fn: if not transfer_check_fn(transfer_val, value): raise AssertionError(changed_msg_template % ( key, transfer_val, value, orig_instr.reference_id or '' )) elif transfer_val != value and not empty(transfer_val): raise AssertionError(changed_msg_template % ( key, transfer_val, value, orig_instr.reference_id or '' )) return self.execute_transfer(t, **params)
[docs] def transfer_check_label(self, old: str, new: str) -> bool: old = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', old).strip() new = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', new).strip() return unidecode(old) == unidecode(new)
[docs] def iter_transfers(self, account: Account | None = None) -> Iterator[Transfer]: """ Iter transfer transactions. :param account: account to get transfer history (or None for all accounts) :type account: :class:`Account` :rtype: iter[:class:`Transfer`] :raises: :class:`AccountNotFound` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def get_transfer(self, id: str) -> Transfer: """ Get a transfer from its id. :param id: ID of the Transfer :type id: :class:`str` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` """ return find_object(self.iter_transfers(), id=id, error=TransferNotFound)
[docs] def iter_emitters(self) -> Iterator[Emitter]: """ Iter transfer emitter accounts. :rtype: iter[:class:`Emitter`] """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def cancel_transfer(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Ask for the cancellation of a transfer. This function is exposed as part of Woob API and should not be overriden by children modules. :param transfer: the transfer that should be cancelled :type transfer: :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` """ return self.do_transfer_cancellation(transfer, **params)
[docs] def do_transfer_cancellation(self, transfer: Transfer, **params) -> Transfer: """ Send a cancellation request for the given transfer. This function should be implemented by the children modules. :param transfer: the transfer that should be cancelled :type transfer: :class:`Transfer` :rtype: :class:`Transfer` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs]class CapBankTransfer(CapBank, CapTransfer): can_do_transfer_without_emitter = False transfer_with_debtor_account = DebtorAccountRequirement.MANDATORY
[docs] def account_to_emitter(self, account: str | Account) -> Emitter: if isinstance(account, Account): id = else: id = account return find_object(self.iter_emitters(), id=id, error=ObjectNotFound)
[docs]class CapBankTransferAddRecipient(CapBankTransfer):
[docs] def new_recipient(self, recipient: Recipient, **params): # TODO doc raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def add_recipient(self, recipient: Recipient, **params) -> Recipient: """ Add a recipient to the connection. :param recipient: recipient to add, need to contain a valid IBAN and a label. :raises: :class:`BrowserQuestion` :raises: :class:`AddRecipientError` :rtype: :class:`Recipient` """ if not is_iban_valid(recipient.iban): raise RecipientInvalidIban('Iban is not valid.') if not recipient.label: raise RecipientInvalidLabel('Recipient label is mandatory.') return self.new_recipient(recipient, **params)