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# Copyright(C) 2010-2016 Romain Bignon
# This file is part of woob.
# woob is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# woob is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with woob. If not, see <>.

# flake8: compatible

from woob.capabilities.base import (
    BaseObject, Field, StringField, DecimalField, IntField,
    EnumField, Enum,
from import DateField

from .base import Account, CapBank

__all__ = [
    'PerVersion', 'PerProviderType', 'Per', 'Investment', 'Pocket',
    'MarketOrderType', 'MarketOrderDirection', 'MarketOrderPayment',
    'MarketOrder', 'CapBankWealth',

[docs]class PerVersion(Enum): PERIN = 'perin' # "PER individuel", subscribed by the account holder PERCOL = 'percol' # "PER collectif", subscribed by the employer for all employees PERCAT = 'percat' # "PER cat├ęgoriel", subscribed by the employer for a category of employees (for example managers)
[docs]class PerProviderType(Enum): BANK = 'bank' INSURER = 'insurer'
[docs]class Per(Account): """ Account type dedicated to PER retirement savings plans. """ version = EnumField('Version of PER', PerVersion) provider_type = EnumField('Type of account provider', PerProviderType)
[docs]class Investment(BaseObject): """ Investment in a financial market. """ CODE_TYPE_ISIN = 'ISIN' CODE_TYPE_AMF = 'AMF' label = StringField('Label of stocks') code = StringField('Identifier of the stock') code_type = StringField('Type of stock code (ISIN or AMF)') stock_symbol = StringField('Alternative identifier of the stock (different from ISIN)') stock_market = StringField('Stock market related to the stock') description = StringField('Short description of the stock') quantity = DecimalField('Quantity of stocks') unitprice = DecimalField('Buy price of one stock') unitvalue = DecimalField('Current value of one stock') valuation = DecimalField('Total current valuation of the Investment') vdate = DateField('Value date of the valuation amount') diff = DecimalField('Difference between the buy cost and the current valuation') diff_ratio = DecimalField('Difference in ratio (1 meaning 100%) between the buy cost and the current valuation') portfolio_share = DecimalField('Ratio (1 meaning 100%) of the current amount relative to the total') performance_history = Field('History of the performances of the stock (key=years, value=diff_ratio)', dict) srri = IntField('Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator of the stock (from 1 to 7)') asset_category = StringField('Category of the stock') recommended_period = StringField('Recommended investment period of the stock') # International original_currency = StringField('Currency of the original amount') original_valuation = DecimalField('Original valuation (in another currency)') original_unitvalue = DecimalField('Original unitvalue (in another currency)') original_unitprice = DecimalField('Original unitprice (in another currency)') original_diff = DecimalField('Original diff (in another currency)') def __repr__(self): return '<Investment label=%r code=%r valuation=%r>' % (self.label, self.code, self.valuation) # compatibility alias @property def diff_percent(self): return self.diff_ratio @diff_percent.setter def diff_percent(self, value): self.diff_ratio = value
class PocketCondition(Enum): UNKNOWN = 0 DATE = 1 # If 'availability_date' has passed AVAILABLE = 2 RETIREMENT = 3 # the following conditions are used if : # 'acquisition_date' and 'transferability_date' are displayed on the website. # If 'acquisition_date' has not passed. DATE_WHEN_ACQUIRED = 4 # If 'acquisition_date' has passed and 'transferability_date' has not. DATE_WHEN_TRANSFERABLE = 5 # the following conditions are irrelevant, don't use them WEDDING = 6 DEATH = 7 INDEBTEDNESS = 8 DIVORCE = 9 DISABILITY = 10 BUSINESS_CREATION = 11 BREACH_EMPLOYMENT_CONTRACT = 12 UNLOCKING_EXCEPTIONAL = 13 THIRD_CHILD = 14 EXPIRATION_UNEMPLOYMENT = 15 PURCHASE_APARTMENT = 16
[docs]class Pocket(BaseObject): """ Pocket """ CONDITION_UNKNOWN = PocketCondition.UNKNOWN CONDITION_DATE = PocketCondition.DATE CONDITION_DATE_WHEN_ACQUIRED = PocketCondition.DATE_WHEN_ACQUIRED CONDITION_DATE_WHEN_TRANSFERABLE = PocketCondition.DATE_WHEN_TRANSFERABLE CONDITION_AVAILABLE = PocketCondition.AVAILABLE CONDITION_RETIREMENT = PocketCondition.RETIREMENT # the following conditions are irrelevant, don't use them CONDITION_WEDDING = PocketCondition.WEDDING CONDITION_DEATH = PocketCondition.DEATH CONDITION_INDEBTEDNESS = PocketCondition.INDEBTEDNESS CONDITION_DIVORCE = PocketCondition.DIVORCE CONDITION_DISABILITY = PocketCondition.DISABILITY CONDITION_BUSINESS_CREATION = PocketCondition.BUSINESS_CREATION CONDITION_BREACH_EMPLOYMENT_CONTRACT = PocketCondition.BREACH_EMPLOYMENT_CONTRACT CONDITION_UNLOCKING_EXCEPTIONAL = PocketCondition.UNLOCKING_EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION_THIRD_CHILD = PocketCondition.THIRD_CHILD CONDITION_EXPIRATION_UNEMPLOYMENT = PocketCondition.EXPIRATION_UNEMPLOYMENT CONDITION_PURCHASE_APARTMENT = PocketCondition.PURCHASE_APARTMENT label = StringField('Label of pocket') amount = DecimalField('Amount of the pocket') quantity = DecimalField('Quantity of stocks') availability_date = DateField('Availability date of the pocket') condition = EnumField('Withdrawal condition of the pocket', PocketCondition, default=CONDITION_UNKNOWN) investment = Field('Reference to the investment of the pocket', Investment)
[docs]class MarketOrderType(Enum): UNKNOWN = 0 MARKET = 1 """Order executed at the current market price""" LIMIT = 2 """Order executed with a maximum or minimum price limit""" TRIGGER = 3 """Order executed when the price reaches a specific value"""
[docs]class MarketOrderDirection(Enum): UNKNOWN = 0 BUY = 1 SALE = 2
[docs]class MarketOrderPayment(Enum): UNKNOWN = 0 CASH = 1 DEFERRED = 2
[docs]class MarketOrder(BaseObject): """ Market order """ # Important: a Market Order always corresponds to one (and only one) investment label = StringField('Label of the market order') # MarketOrder values unitprice = DecimalField('Value of the stock at the moment of the market order') unitvalue = DecimalField('Current value of the stock associated with the market order') ordervalue = DecimalField('Limit value or trigger value, only relevant if the order type is LIMIT or TRIGGER') currency = StringField('Currency of the market order - not always the same as account currency') quantity = DecimalField('Quantity of stocks in the market order') amount = DecimalField('Total amount that has been bought or sold') # MarketOrder additional information order_type = EnumField('Type of market order', MarketOrderType, default=MarketOrderType.UNKNOWN) direction = EnumField( 'Direction of the market order (buy or sale)', MarketOrderDirection, default=MarketOrderDirection.UNKNOWN ) payment_method = EnumField( 'Payment method of the market order', MarketOrderPayment, default=MarketOrderPayment.UNKNOWN ) date = DateField('Creation date of the market order') validity_date = DateField('Validity date of the market order') execution_date = DateField('Execution date of the market order (only for market orders that are completed)') state = StringField('Current state of the market order (e.g. executed)') code = StringField('Identifier of the stock related to the order') stock_symbol = StringField('Alternative identifier of the stock related to the order (different from ISIN)') stock_market = StringField('Stock market on which the order was executed')
[docs]class CapBankWealth(CapBank): """ Capability of bank websites to see investments and pockets. """
[docs] def iter_investment(self, account): """ Iter investment of a market account :param account: account to get investments :type account: :class:`Account` :rtype: iter[:class:`Investment`] :raises: :class:`AccountNotFound` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def iter_pocket(self, account): """ Iter pocket :param account: account to get pockets :type account: :class:`Account` :rtype: iter[:class:`Pocket`] :raises: :class:`AccountNotFound` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def iter_market_orders(self, account): """ Iter market orders :param account: account to get market orders :type account: :class:`Account` :rtype: iter[:class:`MarketOrder`] :raises: :class:`AccountNotFound` """ raise NotImplementedError()