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# Copyright(C) 2010-2011 Romain Bignon
# This file is part of woob.
# woob is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# woob is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with woob. If not, see <>.

from collections import OrderedDict
from datetime import datetime

from dateutil import rrule

from .base import Capability, BaseObject, Field, StringField, BytesField, IntField, \
                  BoolField, UserError
from .address import PostalAddress, compat_field

__all__ = [
    'ProfileNode', 'ContactPhoto', 'Contact', 'QueryError', 'Query', 'CapContact',
    'BaseContact', 'PhysicalEntity', 'Person', 'Place', 'OpeningHours',
    'OpeningRule', 'RRuleField', 'CapDirectory',

[docs]class ProfileNode: """ Node of a :class:`Contact` profile. """ HEAD = 0x01 SECTION = 0x02 def __init__(self, name, label, value, sufix=None, flags=0): = name self.label = label self.value = value self.sufix = sufix self.flags = flags def __getitem__(self, key): return self.value[key]
[docs]class ContactPhoto(BaseObject): """ Photo of a contact. """ name = StringField('Name of the photo') data = BytesField('Data of photo') thumbnail_url = StringField('Direct URL to thumbnail') thumbnail_data = BytesField('Data of thumbnail') hidden = BoolField('True if the photo is hidden on website') def __init__(self, name, url=None): super(ContactPhoto, self).__init__(name, url) = name def __iscomplete__(self): return ( and (not self.thumbnail_url or self.thumbnail_data)) def __str__(self): return self.url def __repr__(self): return '<ContactPhoto %r data=%do tndata=%do>' % (, len( if else 0, len(self.thumbnail_data) if self.thumbnail_data else 0)
[docs]class BaseContact(BaseObject): """ This is the blase class for a contact. """ name = StringField('Name of contact') phone = StringField('Phone number') email = StringField('Contact email') website = StringField('Website URL of the contact')
class Advisor(BaseContact): """ An advisor. """ email = StringField('Mail of advisor') phone = StringField('Phone number of advisor') mobile = StringField('Mobile number of advisor') fax = StringField('Fax number of advisor') agency = StringField('Name of agency') address = StringField('Address of agency') role = StringField('Role of advisor', default="bank")
[docs]class Contact(BaseContact): """ A contact. """ STATUS_ONLINE = 0x001 STATUS_AWAY = 0x002 STATUS_OFFLINE = 0x004 STATUS_ALL = 0xfff status = IntField('Status of contact (STATUS_* constants)') status_msg = StringField('Message of status') summary = StringField('Description of contact') photos = Field('List of photos', dict, default=OrderedDict()) profile = Field('Contact profile', dict, default=OrderedDict()) def __init__(self, id, name, status, url=None): super(Contact, self).__init__(id, url) = name self.status = status
[docs] def set_photo(self, name, **kwargs): """ Set photo of contact. :param name: name of photo :type name: str :param kwargs: See :class:`ContactPhoto` to know what other parameters you can use """ if name not in[name] = ContactPhoto(name) photo =[name] for key, value in kwargs.items(): setattr(photo, key, value)
[docs] def get_text(self): def print_node(node, level=1): result = '' if node.flags & node.SECTION: result += '\t' * level + node.label + '\n' for sub in node.value.values(): result += print_node(sub, level + 1) else: if isinstance(node.value, (tuple, list)): value = ', '.join(str(v) for v in node.value) elif isinstance(node.value, float): value = '%.2f' % node.value else: value = node.value result += '\t' * level + '%-20s %s\n' % (node.label + ':', value) return result result = 'Nickname: %s\n' % if self.status & Contact.STATUS_ONLINE: s = 'online' elif self.status & Contact.STATUS_OFFLINE: s = 'offline' elif self.status & Contact.STATUS_AWAY: s = 'away' else: s = 'unknown' result += 'Status: %s (%s)\n' % (s, self.status_msg) result += 'URL: %s\n' % self.url result += 'Photos:\n' for name, photo in result += '\t%s%s\n' % (photo, ' (hidden)' if photo.hidden else '') result += '\nProfile:\n' for head in self.profile.values(): result += print_node(head) result += 'Description:\n' for s in self.summary.split('\n'): result += '\t%s\n' % s return result
[docs]class QueryError(UserError): """ Raised when unable to send a query to a contact. """
[docs]class Query(BaseObject): """ Query to send to a contact. """ message = StringField('Message received') def __init__(self, id, message, url=None): super(Query, self).__init__(id, url) self.message = message
[docs]class CapContact(Capability):
[docs] def iter_contacts(self, status=Contact.STATUS_ALL, ids=None): """ Iter contacts :param status: get only contacts with the specified status :type status: Contact.STATUS_* :param ids: if set, get the specified contacts :type ids: list[str] :rtype: iter[:class:`Contact`] """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def get_contact(self, id): """ Get a contact from his id. The default implementation only calls iter_contacts() with the proper values, but it might be overloaded by backends. :param id: the ID requested :type id: str :rtype: :class:`Contact` or None if not found """ l = self.iter_contacts(ids=[id]) try: return l[0] except IndexError: return None
[docs] def send_query(self, id): """ Send a query to a contact :param id: the ID of contact :type id: str :rtype: :class:`Query` :raises: :class:`QueryError` """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def get_notes(self, id): """ Get personal notes about a contact :param id: the ID of the contact :type id: str :rtype: str """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def save_notes(self, id, notes): """ Set personal notes about a contact :param id: the ID of the contact :type id: str :returns: the str object to save as notes """ raise NotImplementedError()
[docs]class PhysicalEntity(BaseContact): """ Contact which has a physical address. """ postal_address = Field('Postal address', PostalAddress) address_notes = StringField('Extra address info') country = compat_field('postal_address', 'country') postcode = compat_field('postal_address', 'postal_code') city = compat_field('postal_address', 'city') address = compat_field('postal_address', 'street')
[docs]class Person(PhysicalEntity): pass
[docs]class OpeningHours(BaseObject): """ Definition of times when a place is open or closed. Consists in a list of :class:`OpeningRule`. Rules should be ordered by priority. If no rule matches the given date, it is considered closed by default. """ rules = Field('Rules of opening/closing', list)
[docs] def is_open_at(self, query): for rule in self.rules: if query in rule: return rule.is_open return False
@property def is_open_now(self): return self.is_open_at(
[docs]class RRuleField(Field): def __init__(self, doc, **kargs): super(RRuleField, self).__init__(doc, rrule.rrulebase)
[docs] def convert(self, v): if isinstance(v, str): return rrule.rrulestr(v) return v
[docs]class OpeningRule(BaseObject): """ Single rule defining a (recurrent) time interval when a place is open or closed. """ dates = RRuleField('Dates on which this rule applies') times = Field('Times of the day this rule applies', list) is_open = BoolField('Is it an opening rule or closing rule?') def __contains__(self, dt): date = time = dt.time() # check times before dates because there are probably fewer entries for start, end in self.times: if start <= time <= end: break else: return False # can't use "date in self.dates" because rrule only matches datetimes for occ in self.dates: occ = if occ > date: break elif occ == date: return True return False
[docs]class Place(PhysicalEntity): opening = Field('Opening hours', OpeningHours)
class SearchQuery(BaseObject): """ Parameters to search for contacts. """ name = StringField('Name to search for') location = Field('Address where to look', PostalAddress) address = compat_field('location', 'street') city = compat_field('location', 'city')
[docs]class CapDirectory(Capability):
[docs] def search_contacts(self, query, sortby): """ Search contacts matching a query. :param query: search parameters :type query: :class:`SearchQuery` :rtype: iter[:class:`PhysicalEntity`] """ raise NotImplementedError()