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# Copyright(C) 2018 Phyks
# This file is part of woob.
# woob is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# woob is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
# along with woob. If not, see <>.

import itertools
from collections import Counter

from woob.capabilities.base import empty
from woob.capabilities.housing import POSTS_TYPES

[docs]class HousingTest: """ Testing class to standardize the housing modules tests. """ # Fields to be checked for values across all items in housings list FIELDS_ALL_HOUSINGS_LIST = [ "id", "type", "advert_type", "house_type", "url", "title", "area", "cost", "currency", "utilities", "date", "location", "station", "text", "phone", "rooms", "bedrooms", "DPE", "GES", "details" ] # Fields to be checked for at least one item in housings list FIELDS_ANY_HOUSINGS_LIST = [ "photos" ] # Fields to be checked for values across all items when querying # individually FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING = [ "id", "url", "type", "advert_type", "house_type", "title", "area", "cost", "currency", "utilities", "date", "location", "station", "text", "phone", "rooms", "bedrooms", "DPE", "GES", "details" ] # Fields to be checked for values at least once for all items when querying # individually FIELDS_ANY_SINGLE_HOUSING = [ "photos" ] # Some backends cannot distinguish between rent and furnished rent for # single housing post. Set this to True if this is the case. DO_NOT_DISTINGUISH_FURNISHED_RENT = False
[docs] def assertNotEmpty(self, obj, field): self.assertFalse( empty(getattr(obj, field)), 'Field "%s" is empty and should not be.' % field )
[docs] def check_housing_lists(self, query, max_results=20): results = list(itertools.islice( self.backend.search_housings(query), max_results )) self.assertGreater(len(results), 0) for field in self.FIELDS_ANY_HOUSINGS_LIST: self.assertTrue( any(not empty(getattr(x, field)) for x in results), 'Missing a "%s" field.' % field ) for x in results: if 'type' in self.FIELDS_ALL_HOUSINGS_LIST: if ( self.DO_NOT_DISTINGUISH_FURNISHED_RENT and query.type in [POSTS_TYPES.RENT, POSTS_TYPES.FURNISHED_RENT] ): self.assertIn(x.type, [POSTS_TYPES.RENT, POSTS_TYPES.FURNISHED_RENT]) else: self.assertEqual(x.type, query.type) if 'advert_type' in self.FIELDS_ALL_HOUSINGS_LIST: self.assertIn(x.advert_type, query.advert_types) if 'house_type' in self.FIELDS_ALL_HOUSINGS_LIST: self.assertIn(x.house_type, query.house_types) for field in self.FIELDS_ALL_HOUSINGS_LIST: self.assertNotEmpty(x, field) if not empty(x.cost): self.assertNotEmpty(x, 'price_per_meter') for photo in self.assertRegex(photo.url, r'^http(s?)://') return results
[docs] def check_single_housing_all(self, housing, type, house_type, advert_type): for field in self.FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING: self.assertNotEmpty(housing, field) if 'type' in self.FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING: if ( self.DO_NOT_DISTINGUISH_FURNISHED_RENT and type in [POSTS_TYPES.RENT, POSTS_TYPES.FURNISHED_RENT] ): self.assertIn(housing.type, [POSTS_TYPES.RENT, POSTS_TYPES.FURNISHED_RENT]) else: self.assertEqual(housing.type, type) if 'house_type' in self.FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING: if not empty(house_type): self.assertEqual(housing.house_type, house_type) else: self.assertNotEmpty(housing, 'house_type') if 'advert_type' in self.FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING: self.assertEqual(housing.advert_type, advert_type)
[docs] def check_single_housing_any(self, housing, counter): for field in self.FIELDS_ANY_SINGLE_HOUSING: if not empty(getattr(housing, field)): counter[field] += 1 for photo in self.assertRegex(photo.url, r'^http(s?)://') return counter
[docs] def check_against_query(self, query, max_results=20): # Check housing listing results results = self.check_housing_lists(query, max_results) # Check mandatory fields in all housings housing = self.backend.fillobj(results[0], self.FIELDS_ANY_SINGLE_HOUSING + self.FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING) self.check_single_housing_all( housing, results[0].type, results[0].house_type, results[0].advert_type ) # Check fields that should appear in at least one housing counter = Counter() counter = self.check_single_housing_any(housing, counter) for result in results[1:]: if all(counter[field] > 0 for field in self.FIELDS_ANY_SINGLE_HOUSING): break housing = self.backend.fillobj(result, self.FIELDS_ANY_SINGLE_HOUSING + self.FIELDS_ALL_SINGLE_HOUSING) counter = self.check_single_housing_any(housing, counter) for field in self.FIELDS_ANY_SINGLE_HOUSING: self.assertGreater( counter[field], 0, 'Optional field "%s" should appear at least once.' % field )